12 Important Questions To Ask Builder, Seller When Buying an Apartment

Questions to ask when buying your first apartment

12 Important Questions To Ask Builder, Seller When Buying an Apartment

Important Questions To Ask Builder, Seller When Buying an Apartment-  Tips for Apartment buyers: – Forbearing and getting all information, you have to make the list of questions to ask when buying your first apartment. The apartment is the great commitment held after much long-term planning, dreams come true with persistence labor and hopes. A person sees the dream of having their own home or apartment but some fulfill it while some spend their life only becoming optimistic on sunny days that it will rain now and now, tomorrow and tomorrow. Mostly, a person wants to sketch their life by their own hands. The difference in everyone sketch is only the filling of color. Some fill it heavily and dark whereas some only have the ability to fill fade and also some have not met the capacity of filling it. anyone looks glad when they see the fruits bear in a dry tree.

Similarly, when a person gets the sweet outcome of their laborious input, they want to expose their happiness in the global mirror. Due to their optimistic commitment, they one touch the stars and make their own dream fulfilled. Person final target and dream about their own sold terrace, and want to spend the life under it. as we know that, buying an apartment is not small deal related to very precious, matter and not happen on a daily basis. Therefore, get scanned about haste makes waste, and to be away from that incidence, you have to first prepare the list of question that helps to promote yourself in buying an apartment without any confrontation and suspicion.

However, this types of earlier preparation would help you to become alert and informative everything about the apartment that you are going to buy. You know better that sometimes, a white hen lays black eggs. And such hen is moving in multiple numbers around us. It is also your duty to become highly active and highly energetic about you transactional performance. The small deal does not have care much but buying an apartment is one of the life greatest action which you are in a ready position to make it’s in your own ownership.Questions to ask when buying your first apartment

The great apartment may have the much great enigmatic truth which cannot be displayed by the constructor and seller due to various myth. It depends on your idea and knowledge to deal and confront with it. If you self-tucked in their conspiracy, then you have to be drench under your own ceiling. In fact, there is various constructor who tries to sell their apartment without telling you the internal and external fact and figures.  This your first action to be performed and known about it’s  all details and history which you are going to buy from roots to branches.

Many known people become fails to make a deal and many veteran players sometimes taste the hummilate defeat and also the even the person falls into the pit having legs better too. Therefore, it shows your intelligence and intellectuality if you prepared the list of question to ask when buying your first apartment. The apartment is the great matter to make your own manner and manual of entertainment and playgrounds depend on your choice after contract. Following are some list of question furnished for the better suggestion and earlier informational help to you about questions to ask when buying your first apartment.

1. Is constructor company reputed?

It also makes the great conclusion and conclusion of thinking in details because there are many constructors which are in initial phase and trying to build the new apartment having not any reputational figure and identity. There are many constructor companies come from other place and start to sell the apartment by construction in another place. It also determines their quality and ingredients method and manufacturing process.

If the constructor or construction company is reputed and have a good identity, then it is a belief that the apartment has made in a good way and better input of goods. And the other benefits is that the reputed construction company also ensures you for their quality by approving testes and showing all the true document. But when it is fraud then they may not display you all the document and it is mostly done by now reputed and unknown construction company. This is also one of the questions to ask when buying your first apartment.

2. Is it earthquake resist or not?

This is also a major question to be asked and known about earthquake resisting clearly. As we known that is no one to say you’re or inform you earlier about the coming or appearance of earthquake and catastrophe. Therefore, it is your intellectuality to be careful about this matter. When you are going to buy the apartment ask that the apartment is made in earthquake resisting mode or not. If the answer is in suspect then try to see all the engineers detail and comments about the apartment, because it is not your personal deal and a single deal it is your life deal and family life deal. Earthquake resisting apartment provides more security and makes you feel more secure under it terrace.

3. How is it’s outer design?

Sometimes even we trap in the cage by only seeing the internal or external design only. It is our mistake or unconsciousness even we get confused to decide and pick out any once feedback. But we have to confess that our mistakes are mostly committed due to our small disconnection regarding our work and action. And when you buy the apartment and if it’s long then people mostly give their feedback by seeing the outer design.

Therefore, you have to also go through it that the apartment is built in modern art or traditional art. And also confirm the design and diagram pasted and drawn over it. Many house and apartment look like the palace after seeing from outside and people become confused about the reality, what it is actually. The outer design also sometimes makes us pleased and gives the enjoyment of living in a palace or any great home which is the matter of public discussion about its design.

4. When was the apartment built or constructed?

It also sometimes creates confliction in process of dealing if we know about its construction date.  As we say that everything has manufacturing date and date of expiry. The same manner is applied here for making the matter more clearance. Therefore, it is also very necessary to know the date of construction t for betterment and long lasting living. There are many apartments builds in many years ago and the constructor wants to sell it by painting in attraction diagram by making and treating customer fool. If you know and start to scrutiny the real matter then only you know all the details and past history and story about it. they want to sell you in haste without giving you chance to think and offer to sell you even at cheap rate due to the crossing of a long time.

5. What is the number of flats in an apartment?

It is also the question to ask when buying your first apartment about the number of flats existing in flats. If you become confirm about flats and number that you are going to buy in the apartment, then it becomes easy for yourself. There become confused sometimes when going to flats because if it is available for many flats then it becomes difficult to proceed and reach.

6. Is there exercise and worshipping room separated?

This is compulsory things to known and has to make it by knowing the information clearly. It is easy if you ask him about the worshiping room and exercise room. We know that in an apartment there is difficulty to come up and down in quick. so mostly, the exercise room and worshipping room should be separated for making the home delightful mind life comfortable.

If it is available for exercise or, then you can save your time to move out of the apartment in filed and may become boring for doing every day.  The housewife also seeks the worshipping room separately for making any ceremony completing.  God home should be particularly kept and it should be kept in a clean manner for making the home peace and pricing.  This also the question to ask when buying your first apartment.  The absence of this room become your further burden and may increase your expenditure chart again after buying such big apartment.

7. What is it’s scheme price?

You have to know all the schemes either in announce or not. Many construction companies do not tell the customer who is unknown to them and schemes are only given to the contact and known customer. Therefore, you have to know about the scheme’s announcement and if the answer and information are right, then you can also get the scheme in which there may be the reduction of price in actual cost or maybe gift items given after buying the flats or apartment. It is your luck and has to try the lottery once time. This is also the question to ask when buying your first apartment.

8. How is the service of electricity and water?

It is also the matter of knowing clearly because when we buy the apartment, we want to get all the service in our room due to the upper level of accommodation. You h ask the question to the construction about the availability of water and electricity or there is a problem with it. It will become the over lead if the problem and crisis exist in the apartment after buying and investing such huge amount. Services of electricity and water should be first confirmed and then only forward you deal head with knowing the detail. Electricity and water are the most important needs to pick up the life in a comfortable manner.

9. Is apartment legally built or not?

It is the major and warrior question to ask when buying your first apartment because there are many fraud companies who built the apartment in illegal lands or without talking the license and instruction by the government and start to supply and sell by making their own ownership. They have prepared all the document in original form even they are counterfeit. So, be aware of these types of a construction company who will cheat you by trapping in their sweet voice and better welcoming and cherish respect.

10. How is the local environment and society?

People become lunatic by living in lunatic society and brilliant too by living in brilliant atmosphere and community. Therefore it is also eth major things to scrutiny an search on it for making the deal ahead movement. You have to first know the community around the flat and their character living nearby you. And also you have to know about the person and family character living below or upper fat from your flat. Their character also impacts on your family. Because buying the home is or apartment is not short time living, it may be the lifetime.  Therefore,  prevention is better than cure and advised you to go through it.

11. Is there service escalator and lift?

This makes the matter more clearance and alerts you to know about its services and facilities. As the matter of apartment also clarify that there must be the services of escalators ad lift because it absence makes you tired to reach you flat and apartment. It is compulsion needs of an apartment to step up and step down through it. This question should also be asked when buying your first apartment.

12. How is the method of payment?

Method of payment also moves and backward the step if there is a suitable method of payment. Paying is mostly done on two basis that is full payment at a time and another in installment. Installment basis makes some easiness and unloads to the person who is willing to buy. If there are installment services, then there is no any problem of taking tension.  You can buy the flat or apartment now and can pay the cash in installment, decrease the overload. This is also the question to ask when buying your first apartment.

These are the questions to ask when buying your first apartment.

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