Buying a Condo – 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Condo

Buying a Condo – 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Condo

We have to be first clear that, the condo refers to the home of complexity or constructed in the big module, also focus the connoisseurs that people have their ultimate dream to spend and stock their life all the pleasurable moment with horrible design and dialogues. The condo is the high module and large plaza house mostly purchased by the large or joint family for comfortable and easiness to manage all the material in proper order. To make and show their position and glow, the rich person mostly step up their wish and open their money bag for it’s purchasing.

There are many wealthy people who are living in the luxurious house and also many in the queue to buy that luxurious house. As we know that the house, habitat, shelter, and clothes are the basic needs of a human being to live the comfortable life and the life of glad at every time.

Because with   ripe stomach we can live for few day in many places, but if we have not our own terrace to spends the night, then there becomes the life without light. Terrace above the head that is in their own name gives your personal image and re-drives your personality as the owner of the building.

Questions to ask when buying your first condo

The above-ignited headlines also forecast the subtle of the great person who is in the mood and motion of buying the first condo, that they want to clear the vies and also taking the advice and positive suggestion what would be better to play the dices and when should it play. The unknown person and buyer become afraid due to various steps to be crossed and if you don’t know all the steps that you will be sucked by the mediator and may have to regret in rest due to doing works and stepping action in hurry.

Thus, it has now become the popular things to take the advice of the known person an expert or have done the similar transaction before to anyone, else who knows better about all these. After doing all these processes, it makes you confident and increases your home and enthusiastic to move forward with the heavy and green pocket to make the embolden deal. There may arise various suspect while buying the first condo because it is not the normal deal and the work of a single day. It depends upon you with how you confront with all the obstacle that comes in your way. If you have eccentric wit, may it become the weaker in front of you agile commitment and knowledge to tackle and beat the problems with sweet sticks?

Meanwhile, it also  allowed you to prepare the questions to be asked for clearances of all the suspense and evidences that would not pinch you after doing the deal and buying the first condo, therefore, you have to make earlier question to  ask  when buying your first condo  because it is your first battle which you are going to  tackle with your w= unknown sense. After doing these for first times, you automatically become the expert and experiences in this sectors. Therefore, for your betterment and not cheated dealing, following are the question to ask when buying your first condo without any miss-concept and saying if you want to eat the pudding  with positive smell.

Buying a Condo – 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a Condo

  1. Who used to live earlier?

This is also one of the questions to be asked by the owner or constrictor or who is selling this house. It also clarifies the statement and earlier evidence to know which makes you fearlessly to live and stay with family. Condo buying means you are buying the home for the family not for alone. Therefore, it is the first question to be asked which verify the person either lived person is of bad character or belong from criminals etc is the suspected question can be scrutinized while going to buy the first condo. You have to take the decision after knowing the character and behavior of the person by doing analyzing. If you get the information of positivity of the person who has lived, then it becomes easy to live without breathing the long oxygen.

  1. Is there the noise of ghost existence or not?

There are many homes and condo owner who becomes obliged condo due to the afraid of phantom or vampire impact. They want to sell the condo by keeping this matter confidentially.  If you buy it even without knowing these matter, then you have no other works then regretting and weeping.  Buying your first condo in big investment makes anyone slim after getting a loss and hurt by its adverse effects. There are many condos here there is the habitat of a ghost which is not opened and said by the homeowner due to its adverse effects on home. Therefore, you have to also know these types of evidence either there is staying any kinds of adverse disturbing things or not. If  not you can jump and bum with its doors and wall  after buying your first condo

  1. Is condo earthquake resisting?

Mostly the condo businessman makes the home in quickly mode which can be vandalized in any kinds of natural disaster.  There are many sellers who want to make you purchased in hurry and fast without giving you the time to inspect and investigate the details about the home because there is a chance of disclosure of the truth and facts. While buying your first condo, you have to also investigate its construction manual regarding the natural resisting capacity or not. Is it the earthquake resisting or not.

No one knows about the presences and incoming of natural disaster whenever it may reveal in its natural power. Therefore, to be far from the losses and any accidental incident, it helps you to decrease the probability of all these evidences to happen.  If the condo is built and constructed with effective efforts and bolster roots and solid mending and construction, no problem you can buy without losing the better day because it gives you positive a d resplendent perks from every day and time.

  1. Why is the condo selling?

This also clears your suspected suspense after getting the answer to this question. Some person wants to buy due to the overload of loans on their head while someone sells it due to its adverse effects or any damages that makes them irritated. Due to various causes, people go to sell the condo for getting the better income and get relief from the burdens. If the matter is positive and the cause is positive about its sale then only make your list of expenditure to invest in buying your first condo.  Question to ask when buying your first condo also refers and includes this as the major remarks to be edited and investigated. Ask the question by listing the owner of the condo who is offering you the condo for sale.

  1. Is there anywhere leakage on the terrace?

Leakage in terrace makes you disturb in slumbering while you are in rest and sleep mode. The person buys the first condo for breathing the fresh and tension freed breathe if they have invested the huge amounts. This all varies and makes your clever to know and search the ceiling of all the rooms either it has any gap or distraction on solidity. After searching with your own nude eyes only makes you believe that the ceiling of every room is better furnished and maintained.

There are many rooms ceiling which is leaking the water at heavy rainfall, at that time, you become irritated and regret about doing the mistakes while buying your first condo. This also creates the great t tension in mind due to reinvestment of money for it’s mending, if it got leaking. Therefore, buying anything is not the small tasks that can be done by everyone, even the educated person get cheated by the businessman. So it depends upon your knowledge and cleverness how you tackle and deal with all these serial.

  1. What style does it construct in?

It is also the sensitive things to know about the condo and question to ask when buying your first condo. There are many people who are passionate to live with the change of time and technology. Meanwhile, they also seek the transformation of their personal needs according to the changing generation. While buying your first condo, you have also considered them and have to use the design of the condo either it is constructed in the traditional style of modern style, or may it is constructed in pagoda style which you may like or dislike. Every person makes the race for buying the goods and commodity of their own choice and wish whatever their desire is. If the condo is built according to your searched and wished style, then you can buy it.

  1. What are the concessions of payment system?

We know better than no one walk by carrying cash every time even thus he or she is wealthy or millionaire person. Carrying cash every time makes your bore and guilty and also gives your trouble while walking and traveling to long distances.  Therefore, money plays the pivotal role in making the glad role and glad contraction for being an end of transaction. If the owner is paying and conferring some lighter load for payment, then it is easy to make the deal. If the seller wants to make the full payment at once, depends upon your capability of paying ability.  However, some pay the entire amount at one installment where other pays the amount in the basis of installment by categorizing the sum of amount differentiated in every installment, that makes the load lighter and gives you time to bring and earn the money.

  1. Is area available for parking?

Parking is the main things which have to firstly analyzed because, in present times, everyone has bike and their own vehicle. So if you are going to buy your first condo of your own, surely means you will not today but tomorrow you may buy the four wheelers. Therefore, thinking b  before the future burdens are clarity and erasing the problems that can stroke the way in future, If you buy your first condo by asking and seeing eth areas of parking is available or not and also the area is safe or not for parking if it is stayed and kept even for a long time. For making alert about the future problem is the intelligence of you, if you include this question to ask when buying your first condo,  definitely gives you the pleasure of felicity and getting a great victory.

  1. Is there quadrangle for doing any functions or playing for children?

Question to ask when buying your first condo also target these things if you want to buy the condo having the luxurious looks and facilities along with high commanding services. The family of large sure have the small child who wants to play in open sky and the home ground is suitable for the child due to their unknown sense of moving here and there. Every time, there is not anyone to take care and every time with them for making and playing them. If there is home ground and covered and wall with safety, there is not any tension of baby loss and incident and also it makes the mother of baby busy in their own home or professional works to complete in time.  A small child needs the sunlight for making the bones and muscles strong and is only possible after the presence of quadrangle or home ground in the condo.

  1. How are the facilities of water and electricity?

No home no life and similar to those no water no life and no light no life. This interacts terms which become the unknown if there is the absence of anyone. It’s connection wit together also say that there should be the access to water and electricity every time. The condo is in big in looks and size and straddles in large areas but if it has not the light and electricity, then it becomes the matter of making a home in the jungle and resting in mountains where all these services are scarce and lack. Therefore, it is also one of eth question to ask when buying your first condo.

So these are the questions to ask when buying your first condo.

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