What You Should Know Before Buying a Bengal Cat

bengal cat of marbled pattern

Things to know before you buy a Bengal cat

What You Should Know Before Buying a Bengal Cat? People keep cats with them mostly to get rid of isolation. It is believed that they are one of the most desired pets all around the world. Domesticating a cat means bringing a friend in the home. Due to friendly behavior and being able to get along with humans easily, its’ demand in the market is very high. It removes the loneliness of people and makes feel that they are not alone.

There are different breeds of cats available in cat homes. Genetic research and studies have transformed the progeny of an individual breed into different variety. Bengal cat is one of them. It is a hybrid animal; an offspring developed by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. It is a wonderful and interactive breed having an amazing personality.  It is adorable, notorious and fun loving. One must get acquainted with the idea to deal with it. Therefore it is better to know about this breed before buying. Getting information will help you to uphold the pet properly in future.

bengal cat with spotted pattern

Always think broad before paying. Separate the time properly. Never buy a cat in hurry. Speeding up will only waste your time and money. So arrange the time for an appointment with different cat breeders. It is because visiting different cat homes, will allow you to choose the best one. It will also give an idea of prices.

Well, the price of Bengal breeds is pretty high. It might range out of your affording capacity. Buying only must not be your ultimate goal; sustaining it should be. Regular feeding, timely diet, veterinarians to ensure better health, care and management etc are to be taken seriously. Explain your circumstances to the owners. Let them know clearly. They will tell you if the condition would be fit for you or not. Then only, you should procure.

bengal cat screaming

So you are going to buy a Bengal cat. But how will you identify it is certainly a Bengal cat or not? Hence, it is necessary to study it. Know about its morphology. Since it is developed from cross breed; it physical appearance may look like other jungle cats such as leopard or ocelots. Not only appearance but also the wild characters must have entered through genes. Don’t expect the shy nature from Bengals! They are outstandingly smart creatures.

The name Bengal is given due to its extremely beautiful coat. It presents two basic unique coat patterns; either the more common spotted pattern or the amazingly whirled marbled pattern. They also have glitter gene which makes their coat for sparkling that makes it more beautiful. Both spotted and marbled cat breeds are available in a variety of colors. The frequently available colors are Brown, Silver, Blue, Snowy or chocolate. People have different choices with respect to color. You can get one with the most preferred choices of own.

bengal cat of marbled pattern

Bengal cat wishes for the concern of people towards it. Can you care for it? Are you able to play with it? Are you able to spend time with it? If you think you can, it’s okay. Else if you think you can’t, then think of next idea. Why not buy two cats? They will have companionship for each other.  It is not necessary another cat may be Bengal. It can be other pet also, but a friend of the cat. Remember mice can’t be a cat’s friend! Similarly, the predator of cat also is discarded.

Since Bengals are mischievous; they are needed to be handled with more heed. If you are going to get a pet for the first time, Bengal cat can be a wrong choice also. It is seen that every year many people buy Bengals and they just abandon them into cat homes due to difficulty in handling. It is not easy to live with Bengals, formerly. You have to learn the dealing idea. You can have next breed for the first time. But if you want only Bengal breed and have already studied about them, then it can be helpful. Nevertheless, the thing is that more attention, more care, and more dedication is needed.

One amazing fact is that Bengals love water and are always ready to play with it.  Most of the cats avoid water and refuse to be in contact with. But Bengals are quite interested in getting wet. Therefore, be careful while bathing. Get your door locked properly. It not only will maintain privacy but also won’t let you be disturbed. Another fact is that they are very fond of food. They can mess up with your food anytime and anywhere.

bengal cat looking for some notorious activity

So, keep in mind to serve the food in a precise way. They even chew whatever they find in an adulterated way. Always put the things in proper place. They are noisy and talkative than other breeds. They love to hear their own voice. They scream quite loud to get attention. Hence, they can’t be ignored too. If anyway, you keep ignoring, they start doing more notorious activities to gain your concentration. And if they are bored, they just start destroying household kit. So, it’s better to company rather than leaving alone. They want everybody to seek attention towards them.

They are very energetic. Suddenly they become hyperactive and are excited about small things too. They can be demanding if their desires are not fulfilled. Such temperament can’t be eliminated at once. They are athletic by nature. They can jump over height normally. They rush from here and there to hide sometimes. Their personality varies on their growth and development. They are not typical as a common cat. They seem to be intelligent and too much silly at once.

However, they are extremely cunning creatures. That’s why the proper guidance and training should be provided on regular basis. It will devise them to be more sociable. Bengals are not meant for every owner. Some cats need a loving home not only for some time but for ever; till their whole life span. They are closely attached with human feelings. So, if we think we can’t understand their feelings it’s better not to hurry for buying, rather than living behind later. It is same in the case of Bengals too. They should be in such a home where they can get lot of attention. Though they look wild, they are friendly, loving, gracious and extrovert creatures.  So, know these all things previously before buying and you will be fond of it later.

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Bengal Cat

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