What to Know Before Buying a Dog From a Breeder

a man playing wiht a dog

What to know before buying a dog from a breeder?

What to Know Before Buying a Dog From a Breeder :- Dog has become one of the most popular pets of people over a longer period of time. It’s faithful nature, protecting habit, loving behavior and companionship have made it man’s best friend. And for sure, it is going to share many happy years with you, so it’s better to know about the dog before buying it.

Domesticating a dog will increase your expenses. It needs extra facilities than the usual need of a family. Can you really afford a dog? Are you ready to bear all the expenditure it brings in near future? Answer these questions to yourself and if you find positive answer approach breeder.

a dog

When you go to a breeder, you will find different breeds of dog. Get acquainted with the type of breed you want. There are hundreds of breeds available. Research breeds before choosing to buy. Some are short breed like Cotton de Tulear, Poddle, Chihuahua, Affenpinscher, Chinese crested etc. Some are tall breed like a German shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Great Dane, Tamaskan Huskey etc. Some have heavy or long hair like Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, Shi Tzu etc while others have fewer hair like Italian Grey Hound, Boston terrier, Miniature Pinscher etc. What type of dog you prefer, know its morphological characteristics and breed of course!  Once you identify the breed, it’s little bit easier to know about it because breed also determines some characteristics.

Make sure whether you are purchasing a trained dog or not. If you are purchasing a trained dog it must have learned some good habits, but if you want to train your dog in an own way be prepared to train him good habits. There are certain vices of dog. Housebreaking, which means inappropriate urination and defecation inside the house, is common. To eliminate this, teach the dog for toilet habits. Once they learn proper toilet habits, they won’t defecate in your rooms. Begging, chasing, excessive barking and chewing of the intimate object are other vices which should be wiped out in the early age of the dog. To train a dog, you need bit patience, as they might not be able to learn each and everything faster.  Also, they might break some objects of home. Be patient anyway and ready to sacrifice your time for the pet.

Are you living in your own home or in rent? Does your lease allow you to keep a dog as a pet in the house? And if you are willing to bring the dog to your own home, ask family members. Are they ready to care your pet in your absence? Any rejection would create misunderstanding between you and your family members and if yes, then keep all necessary supplies ready. You must know about its feeding habits in order to keep your pet healthy.

a dog

Dog belongs to the biological family of Canidae. So, never turn it into a vegetarian. It does not matter whether you are vegetarian or not. What matters is that, if you can provide flesh, bones, meat like non-vegetarian food or not! Grapes, chocolate, fat scraps, too much liver, avocado, garlic, onion etc are found to be hazardous to its health. So, don’t feed these things. The diet must contain an adequate amount of protein. The general recommendation for an adult dog is about 4.8 gram per kg body weight for protein, 9.4 calories per gm of energy for fat, 40-60% carbohydrate per day. Of the minerals: calcium and phosphorus are major constituents. The preferred ratio of calcium to phosphorous falls from the range of 1.2:1 to 2:1. Too little feeding makes it suffer from nutritional deficiencies and too much diet causes obesities and other health problems. So, learn to supply the pet with necessary ingredients for

The preferred ratio of calcium to phosphorous falls from the range of 1.2:1 to 2:1. Too little feeding makes it suffer from nutritional deficiencies and too much diet causes obesities and other health problems. So, learn to supply the pet with necessary ingredients for a balanced diet but strictly avoid over supplement. For clear understanding, there is a thumb rule for the feeding of dogs. Along with balanced diet, the dog needs an adequate amount of water to maintain the health. According, to thumb rule, an adult dog should intake one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day, where it prevents a dog from being dehydrated. So, let your dog have access to fresh water.

a man playing wiht a dog

Are you going to buy a female dog? If so, let her be spayed and if you are purchasing a male dog, get it neutered. This prevents breeding and ultimately removes the trouble of further birth of puppies and you will have no worries for the management of them. Neutered male dogs are far more docile than other non-neutered dogs. So, they are less prone to be attacked by other dogs and it also reduces the chances of your pet being injured. Therefore, purchase neutered male dogs or spayed female dogs from the breeder.

Know properly about the diseases and vaccination. Dogs can be affected by virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other parasites. They are more prone to diseases like Rabies, Canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, brucellosis, leptospirosis, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, heartworm etc. When you approach a breeder, it is better if you know the history of dog regarding these diseases.  Know the vaccinating schedule of dog to provide it long, happy and healthy life. If you know the schedule you can take it to the appropriate place and inject vaccine against various diseases.

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Always think whether you can keep dog till its lifespan or not. Normally, the dog lives for 10-13 years depending upon the variety of breeds. Know about your own conditions. Do you have a busy schedule? Can you care your pet? Can you provide its necessary supplements? Such questions help you to tackle for future. Never bring a dog simply, for certain time to leave after because it will cause heartbreak to them later on.

Dogs are social animals. They get attached with sentiments of people very easily. If you are sad, watch at your pet; it seems to be sad. When you are happy it becomes happy. When you come home from work, it comes to welcome you at the gate. It shows all the kind of expressions that it knows and the reason is that it totally gets devoted to the family with which it is living. So, it is the responsibility of the owner to know all these things before buying a dog.

What to Know Before Buying a Dog From a Breeder

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