Questions to Ask Breeder When Picking Up Puppy


Questions to ask a breeder when picking up the puppy?

Puppy is one of the cutest pet to keep at home. People love to play with them. Their sociable nature has caused a great attachment with human beings. Due to this a large number of people like to have the puppy as their pet. So, if you fall in that category, go to a breeder and pick up a puppy. Getting a pet is an easy job indeed but do remember, there are some important points to be taken into consideration before buying it.

You may visit several kennel clubs. When you visit there, know properly if the club is certified. Does the breeder belong to breed club? Whether the puppies present there are certified or not? Generally, breeders have registration papers from National Kennel Club. When a litter is born the breeder approaches the club specifying its number and names. The kennel club then issues a registration application for each of qualifying puppies. The buyer is likely to receive the application of puppies. After receiving the application, ask for the procedures to transfer the ownership of puppy from the breeder to you.


Every breeder will present different breeds of puppies. The standard of puppy differs from one another. Some breeds are much expensive while others are of fewer prices. Get acquainted with the prices of each and take the puppy which you can afford.

Another important question is regarding the health issues. Some purebred dogs are prone to genetically inherited diseases like hip dysplasia, eye problems, brachycephalic syndrome, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy etc. It might transfer to the puppy you want to purchase. Know about health profile of parent dog so that you won’t have further problems. The kennel club where veterinarians have already tested health issues of puppies’ parents would be more appropriate to buy. Visit different clubs and know about this.

Does the breeder have health guarantee over the puppy that you are going to buy? Does he sign any contract of taking the puppy back in case you couldn’t handle? Can he communicate you with the previous buyer? Have a clear understanding of such doubts.

The mother of puppy is a very important reference. Ask the breeder to let you watch her activity. You will have a nice idea about the temperament of pet. Watch deeply, the behavior of mother with her littermates. Not all dogs are same. Some are much more energetic and some are totally submissive. The puppy will be as according to its mother. Puppy of vigorous dog will become a dominant adult in future and puppy of passive dog will become insecure adults. The best puppy should be from average temperament between these two extremities. Puppy selection is an important measure for dog rearing. Hence utmost care should be giving during selection. Ask the breeder for help.

No standard kennel club keeps dogs and puppy without being vaccinated as there is a severe chance of transmission of diseases. What vaccines are used in puppy till date and what should be used in future? Have they been dewormed?  All puppies are born with worms. It is not necessary that they must be sick but routine deworming is essential to prevent them from being infected with further other diseases. Breeder starts deworming at 2 to 3 weeks and should be continued by you and it is same for vaccination too. Both vaccination and deworming have scheduled. If it has not been practiced then there might be a risk of suffering.  Had any disease like rabies, heartworm, canine distemper been seen in a kennel? Had it been eliminated completely? Know about the health condition of club properly. Also, ask about neutering and spaying puppies for the favourable time. It will prevent breeding at a later stage of the puppy when it becomes the adult.


Purchasing a puppy means, you are bringing happiness in the form of a new member in your family. Puppy is friendly by nature and expects same from the family. It seeks for attention and acts accordingly. It licks you, waves the tail, waits at the gate and performs many activities to show the love for you and your family. Its loving behavior will make you happy and illness will keep you in trouble. So, know basic things properly from breeder especially about it feeding habits. Improper feeds, inadequate supply of water are major things to determine the health. What has been fed to puppies? Besides, management is another part of sustaining the healthy life. What has been done for care and management? How often is the veterinarian to be called? Will the breeder allow you to call his own veterinary doctor when needed to examine puppy? What may be a further recommendation regarding its health? Keep this information, they are going to be useful.

Bringing puppy in too early age will be unusual. They must be left with their mother for about 6 to 8 weeks. The puppies are weaned at the age of 4 to 5 weeks but some breeders don’t sell until they are of 6 weeks. It is because they want puppies to spend time and let them learn in their own environment. So, it is better to know from them about the appropriate age for domesticating.

Puppies below the age of 12 weeks are not taught artificially. Therefore, if you are taking 7-8 weeks aged puppy learn the procedures for training. What things are most important to teach earlier and what things are to be taught later? If you know this, you will feel easy to socialize it easily.


You can ask the breeder about his plans regarding litters. Is he professional, semi-professional or what? From which registry he registers the breed? How often he performs breeding program? Does he raise all breed in kennel club or bring from other places? Are there all exotic breeds or native breeds only or mix of both? How long has he been devoting himself for this? You can also ask how he has been influenced to this. It will be a motivation for raising your pet.

Hence always research about each and every condition before purchasing a puppy. Always buy a healthy puppy and spend happy moments.

Questions to Ask Breeder When Picking Up Puppy

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