5 Things to Check Before Buying a New Motorcycle Bike- What to Look Out

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What to look out for when buying a new Motorcycle Bike

So you’ve decided to buy a motorcycle. It’s a pretty big deal. Well, you might not know is what to look out for when buying a new motorcycle. Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. I think it just makes sense if you’re new to anything that you should kind of build your skills up on something that’s a little bit more sensible, to begin with, and then work out from there now. Let’s run down the things to think about when buying a new motorcycle.

It’s true that some motorcycles to get better gas mileage than cars and that they’re often cheaper to buy. The fact is the cost of the bike ownership goes way beyond the MSRP and price at the pump. First off, let me tell you buying a new one is better than a used one. Straight up as a number of trade-offs associated with both new and used bikes and there’s no single right choice. The choice is completely individual’s personal preference.

5 Things to Check Before Buying a New Motorcycle Bike-

What to Look Out When buying a New motorcycle bike

1. New or Old?

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New bikes come with the comfort of reliability and warranty. Though you’ll pay a premium price for those. Used bikes are great for beginners because there’s usually less worried about damaging something that’s not already in perfect shape. They’re also often better values since they’ve already depreciated. Though they might not be as reliable as new bikes and cost more money in the long run, I’d recommend weighing the pros and cons of both keeping in mind how long you want the bike to run without any trouble.

2. Choose Type

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motorcycle bike

Next, let’s look at the types of bikes. What do you prefer? Cruisers,  Sportbikes, Touring, Dual-sport or Standard. So many different types of bikes are crazy. Cruisers have lower seat heights and a more laid-back riding position. They often have large engines. Are you looking to raise your bike on the tracker hills over the weekend? Are you looking for a cruiser that you can ride with a friend or passenger? On the daily searching for the perfect commuter weekend hybrid motorcycle, Well we’ve got those two before buying think about how you’d like to use the motorcycle. Wanna ride like a racer?  Sportbikes fit you in this case. Sportbikes are fine-tuned for the capability of high performance and even higher speeds. If you’re fond of traveling and tours, the right choice I recommend to you is a Touring motorbike. Most of these come fully-loaded with large fairings, luggage trunks, windshields, and even stereos and GPS.

Do you prefer smaller engines and are light-weight bikes? Grab a Dual-sport bike, StandaThe standard type of motorbike is a bike with the mixture of all the features of the four bikes listed above. This type of bike may be a good bike for you if you’re a beginner.

3. Minimize Risk | Insurance

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Have a look at this picture and see which one you can picture yourself on the most important thing to think about is how much will you use it and how number five is something that people don’t really think about that much and that’s insurance. Insurance is a big thing that people really overlooked. When considering buying a new motorcycle the more dangerous the motorcycle the more risk you put yourself in and the ones around you the more the insurance is going to be if you’re over 25 and have a spotless driving record. You can get the pretty decent rate on insurance probably under 500 bucks a year. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more involved in simply your age and driving record.

The population density of where you are the theft rate of the bike model with a Christmas falls on a Tuesday. All of these and more when it comes to insurance it’s a Thunderdome job around. Obviously but just know that you’re definitely going to shell out some cash number for equipment and maintenance.

4. Price


We’re out but then you gotta get that new stuff and that new stuff looks good. The thing that scares people away from new motorcycles of most is number two here. If price besides the better judgment the price tag and new bikes can run anywhere between four thousand and sixteen thousand dollars. At a normal dealership that’s like comparing one motorbike to the other. Pretty big difference right but many other factors get considered when choosing a bike. The size of the motor, use of the bike color, shape, comfort and safety. It’s up to you to weigh the good with the bad.

It’s up to me to present you with the choices number one. Here is one that you may not even have in your brain. And that is thinking about this why are you buying this bike? You better have a good reason for doing it. If its ego doesn’t just go and do it because your friends tell you to.

5. Extras

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There are lots of arguments against go for a smaller cc bike rather large one to start with. Some people say you’ll quickly get bored of a small machine and that may or may not be true. Another argument would be that you can’t do long journeys in a small capacity. By well that’s not really true. Like when I was going to ride into hundreds of miles and it was no problem. It is no doubt that it’s easier on a bigger bike but you know it can be done.

This is where things can add up really. Cars go a lot longer between service intervals. Not to mention things like tires spark plugs and belt replacement. Tires can be expensive. Expensive on motorcycles running between 400 and 600dollars for the asset. And depending on how hard you ride, you may have to change at least the rear tire every 3,000 miles or so chains and drive belts need occasional replacing and those can be bought from between 240 and 250 dollars. Maintenance intervals can run anywhere between 5,000-20,000 miles depending on the motorcycle. But if there’s a valve adjustment involved expect to pay anywhere between 800 and 1,500 dollars you’re writing all this down.

Add in regular oil change chain maintenance and various other odds and ends and you write often you can expect to drop elite thousand dollars a year on maintenance.

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Alright, adding onto that we’ve got gear at number three. At the very least you’ll need a helmet which can run anywhere between 250 to nine hundred dollars. But if a helmet is all you think you need, you should stick to four wheels. The smart rider who values his skin was the worst moto jacket preferably high abrasion grade leather gloves and boots all the time. And while most people ride in jeans, the truth is if you go down at any speed about 15 miles per hour, jeans will come off like a wet paper towel. Protective pants are highly recommended. Conservatively you should plan to initially spend at least 800 swollen dollars on new gear which of course will eventually have to be replaced as items.

If it’s peer pressure think a little longer. Reflect on the other important things to think about. If you have thought about everything on this list and still want a motorcycle then you’re ready to buy and I can tell you exactly going in the right decision. So be ready to grab a license, helmet, gloves, and a jacket and enjoy your first bike ride. This is all about how to choose your first motorcycle. If you can think of anything else to add to this list feel free to let me know but I think I covered it pretty well, Yeah.

5 Things to Check Before Buying a New Motorcycle Bike-

What to Look Out When buying a New motorcycle bike

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