8 Things to Know Before Buying Diamond

reliable jeweler

Things to Know Before Buying Diamond :- Jewelry is the most significant gift that marks any momentous occasion of one’s life. Be it the birthday of your loved ones, engagement or the anniversary, a piece of jewelry as a gift make these moments even more joyous. Additionally, jewelry is said to be the best friend of women and it can make any women happier. However, buying a piece of jewelry can be very panicking, especially if you are a man. Considering this fact, we have come up with special tips that you should consider while buying jewelry.

In this article, we have focused on tips regarding buying diamonds as diamonds are typically a major investment and you ought not to mess it up. So let’s get started with the tips.

 Things you need to know before buying diamond

  1. Learn about 4cs

Before setting out to buy the diamond, you should have the good understanding of 4cs. The 4cs of diamond is a language jeweler across globe use to describe the characteristics of a good diamond. Since quality is tied to price, it is crucial to understand the 4cs so that you have a good understanding of what you are buying.

4c diamond

Carat: Carat is a unit to measure the weight of a diamond. Usually, one card is equal to one fifth of a gram i.e. 0.20 grams.

Cut: The cut of a diamond is what gives the stone its sparkling and fire, which is what ultimately makes it glittering and burst with prismatic color. Even a diamond with relatively mediocre color can be brought to life by the diamond cutter who are skilled. Hence, the cut is probably the most important of 4cs.

Color: You have to know that the best diamonds are usually colorless. You can find fancy colored diamonds in the market like blues, yellows and sometimes pink, however these fall under the different category. Colorless diamonds are the best.

Clarity: clarity is the external or internal visual characteristics. If there is the presence of any nicks, scratches or internal flaws, such diamonds are better to be unpurchased.

  1. Consider financial plans

Buying diamond is not all about adding to your appearance. It is about investments as well. For that, you should have your finances planned. According to caret, color, clarity and cut, the diamond may vary in prices.


Be sure to calculate the price of a diamond as per your requirement. Check the price of diamond every day so that you can have the clear picture. Be sure you can afford the diamond beforehand.

  1. Choose reliable jeweler

reliable jeweler

Choose a jeweler carefully. Always buy a diamond from trained professional. Someone who is GIA Graduate Gemologist can be your best vendor. Also, take a footnote of their associations with jewelry manufacturing group or professional associations.

  1. Secondary market can be an option

Remember that just because a diamond has been worn before does not mean it’s less beautiful. So, If you little short in cash, however, need to buy a diamond, look for trusted secondary seller. But, be sure to get all the papers in case you want to sell the diamond again.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for Diamond Grading Reports.

A ‘diamond grading report’ is an impartial evaluation of the quality of the diamond. It provides all description about the diamond including color, clarity, cut, caret and also authorizes that the diamond is a natural or artificial one. The report also reveals any actions the diamond may have undergone to change its clarity. So, whether you are buying in primary or in the secondary market, do ask for its grading report before finalizing the deal.

  1. Don’t fall for a fake one

If you are a first-time purchaser, you might fall for a fake diamond. There are two tips to watch out for it. First, the fake diamonds often used in costume are heavier than the real ones.


Second, the fake diamond sends out more of a rainbow of refracted light than the real one. However, differentiating diamond requires some serious understanding about the diamond and prior purchase experience.

  1. Consider buying a stone first and adding it to a ring later

The trend of jewelry changes with time, but the diamond lasts forever. One you establish your budget, put the money into buying the best stone (Diamond) and put it into a ring later. Design can be changed later too, but the diamond lasts forever. The diamond won’t go out of style, but the design does. So, make sure you buy the best quality diamond first and fit it onto a ring later according to your preference.

  1. Bigger diamonds are not always better

Remember, bigger diamonds are not always better. Always purchase a diamond that satisfies you in terms of its color, caret, and clarity. If you are more attracted and happier with a 0.5 caret diamond than a 4 caret diamond, go for it and purchase what pleases you even though you can afford 5 caret diamond.

Finally, don’t buy the diamond unless you are pleased with its appearance. Diamonds are the symbol of beauty and unless you find it beautiful, you will never be satisfied. So, follow your heart and make a wise decision while buying a diamond.

Good luck with buying a diamond in future.

Thank you.

8 Things to Know Before Buying Diamond

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