Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Salesman showing man a car


Tips for Buying a Used Car :- A lot of advancements are fascinating the world. But modern man hasn’t been able to utilize the achievements in a fair manner at the local level and is always seeking for other options. Can’t purchase brand new cars due to certain reasons? No problem. Just what you need to focus on is the strategies to buy a used car so that you are not financially burdened and eventually you can fulfill your desired aspiration.

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car

1. Know what sort of car you want

Know what sort of car you want

The first and foremost thing that you need to pay attention to is your expectation in the car you want to purchase. You need to finalize what essential requirements you want in the car; whether you want a family car or a car for long journeys. Similarly, what sort of car; whether or not a diesel car. If you are an environment lover, you need to go for the eco-friendly car. So, you actually need to decide what are the desired facilities and qualities you need in the car while purchasing it.

2. Choose a year or more old car

Choose a year or more old car

It is a wise decision if you buy a used car which is just a year old. The average cost of a new car is around 20-30 lakhs which may not be convenient for you in a financial aspect. But don’t worry. By the time the car is 1 year old, the price of the car is reduced to around 14-18 lakhs which may lure you. In the second year, you might get the car in half of its actual price as the rate of depreciation goes on decreasing. Thus, choosing a year old car will drastically cost you less and you won’t have to compromise much on its services as well.

3. Finalize your capital and research the model

Finalize your capital and research the model

It’s imperative to just hold your nerves and not select a car randomly without having known your budget and having its research done. To buy a used car, you need to fix a sum which doesn’t compromise your living and which justifies the value of the car. According to it you need to move ahead. After finalizing the price, now you need to research the model of the car. Moreover, you need to be aware of various things like the availability of the spare parts of the car in your country, the weak points of the car, time-to-time repair cost of the car, etc.

4. Buy it from convenient source

Buy a car from convenient source

Buying a car doesn’t merely refer to the analysis of the car but also the inspection of the owner of the car if you are buying it privately. Through easy conversations you can make easy assumptions about the owner; whether he is trustworthy or not; whether or not he is trying to hide something; whether or not he is too much desperate to sell the car, etc. These all things simply mean something is wrong and you must not indulge yourself in such transaction. Nobody knows the car may be illegally bought or may have certain loopholes that the owner doesn’t want to spell out.

5. Buy it in specific time and occasions

If you want a used car, then the best time to get it is during the special and festive occasions where the sellers offer big discounts on the car. Instead of gifting extra extraneous sum to the sellers, you can buy the car in festive occasions and save some money.

Buy a car in specific time and occasions

Moreover, if you buying a car through a dealer, then it is significant for you to access the right time to fulfill your transaction. Dealers have specific time by when they need to fulfill their targets. March, June, are the months which are best for buying a second-hand car.

6. Compare the dealers and negotiate the price

Salesman showing man a car

When you think of buying a car, then you have to come across a lot of people and not merely one. This very act can lead you to find a better second-hand car. Have knowledge on multiple dealers; gain all sorts of information about the car and compare and contrast. You eventually get the opportunity of analyzing the dealers, their offers. Also, you will have ample chances to negotiate the prices for exactly same car and ultimately you can purchase the car in a sophisticated way without much trouble.

7. Test drive checklist

Test drive checklist

You cannot buy a car unless you test drives it. When you are test driving, there’s a lot to look at. You have to drive through different routes. Similarly, you need to check whether your driving position is comfortable or not. Likewise, you need to check the braking system as well. For this, you can emergency stop sometime especially in empty roads. You also need to check whether the engine is fine or not; if it makes any sort of noise or if it gets heated very easily and time and again producing smoke. You also need to pay attention to the suspension. Don’t just drive, check as well.

 8. Is your car certified?

your car is certified

Most of the people don’t pay attention to certification of the second-hand car. That’s where they get into trouble. There are only couple of companies like Honda, Merc, and Toyota. The dealerships involve the usage of the same checklist for their used vehicles whether they certify them or not. So, just getting an oral statement that your car is certified doesn’t count; you actually need to get it done anyhow.

9. Get all the documents and paperwork

Get all the documents and paperwork while buying car

In course of buying a used car, a bunch of documents will be submitted to you. So, it’s imperative to get all those. The documents include sales contract, keys, spares, service booklet, logbook, manuals, etc. These documents are extremely essential that have to be with you. Similarly, try to do the paperwork without missing any information. Some dealers hesitate to sign on certain contracts and just hide them. You need to be aware of it and get all the documents signed and verified.

10. Insure your car

Insure your car

As soon as you own the car, you need to insure it because it’s your responsibility if something happens to the car. Anything can happen and you need to be prepared for it. You may think who would insure for a used car. But what if you are the driving your brand new car in a roundabout and suddenly a car hits your back. So, insurance is a must whether it’s a new or a used car. Let’s be on a safer side by insuring our cars.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car

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